"In the ideal NICU, psychosocial support of both NICU parents and staff should be goals equal in importance to the health and development of babies."

Hynan MT & Hall SL. "Introduction: Psychosocial Program Standards for NICU Parents." J Perinatol Supplement Dec. 2015.

About Us

about us


In January 2014, the National Perinatal Association convened a broad group of nearly 50 thought leaders and stakeholders. We came together with the common purpose of improving the level of psychosocial support provided to NICU parents – as well as improving training and support for those who provide care in NICUs. The resulting recommendations were published in December 2015. Learn about our process and the recommendations we developed here.

For Parents



If your baby is in the NICU, you are likely to experience a range of emotions. While parents are excited to welcome their babies to the world, we often struggle with complicated and contradictory emotions surrounding their births. Use this website to understand and explore your feelings as you adjust to your new role as a NICU parent. Find resources here to help you become more involved in your baby’s care and more aware of what you can do to strengthen your bond.


For Professionals



If you work in a NICU—whether as a neonatologist, nurse practitioner, bedside nurse, neonatal therapist, or other staff—you have experienced firsthand how stressful it can be to care for tiny, fragile babies whose lives may hang in the balance.  Those babies’ parents are experiencing stress as well, and need your support.  Search our resources to help you improve your care and support of parents and your own NICU staff here.