Why parent support matters…

Posted on Nov 13, 2015 in Main Slider

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“Everything was so overwhelming especially at first, that often times I did nothing, but sit there.”


“I’m petrified.  I’m not just anxious, I can hardly function.  I cried for an hour straight today because I feel like I can’t be the mom he needs.”


“I so appreciated the social worker sitting me down and talking honestly with me about postpartum depression and the fact that my risks were skyrocketed, just WALKING through those NICU doors.”


“I remember getting SO frustrated and just crying…”


These are things NICU parents have said, looking back on their NICU experience.

You can feel their trauma vicariously.  It’s real. 

The risks of postpartum depression and posttraumatic stress disorder are also very real for NICU parents, and they may not show up until parents are already home with their baby.

If you’re a NICU parent, we hope you get the support you need while you’re in the NICU, and afterwards as well.  You can search our resources for materials that might be helpful to you also.