NICU Parent Support Videos

100px video playThis series of videos was produced by members of the Preemie Parent Alliance.  

We asked parents, “What would you tell other parents about why it’s so important to seek psychosocial support?  And what would you tell professionals about why it’s so important to provide psychosocial support to NICU parents?”

Here are their answers: Click on peoples’ names below to see their 2-minute video which shares their story and their words of support.


Natalie Gordon, NICU Helping Hands

Cheryl Chotrani, Pebbles of Hope

Bob Selby, Holding Tiny Hands

Kelli Kelley, Hand to Hold

Kara Wahlin, NICU Healing

Stephy Noble-Beans, Field of Diamonds

Cristal Grogin, Preemie Parent Alliance

Jennifer Degl, Author, From Hope to Joy

Yamile Jackson, Nurtured by Design