New Endorsements and an Award Given

Posted on May 5, 2016 in Comprehensive Family Support, What's New

We are excited to continue to collect endorsements for the Recommendations.  There are now a total of 32 professional and parent support organizations that have recognized the importance of this work to both NICU parents and NICU staff.  Please check our Supporting Organizations page to see who has signed on!  The value of having more organizations expressing support for the Recommendations is that everyone in each of those organizations can take the Recommendations back to their individual NICUs.  The most recent organization to align with us is Project Sweet Peas, a parent support organization with a mission “to empower and support families of fragile infants, and to inspire hope through remembrance for those affected by pregnancy and infant loss.”  An email from Corin Nava of PSP stated “I am bringing these to my local hospital’s NICU Family Advisory Council for review at our next meeting.”  This is exactly the kind of action we hope to see, to lead to transformations in NICUs all across the country.

best kloveAt the recent annual conference the National Perinatal Association held in Houston, TX, Kristy Love, a parent support person for NICU Parent Support organization at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, MO (and also Operations Director for NPA) was recognized with an Award for Promoting Comprehensive Family Support in a NICU for her efforts to get her hospital administration to hire a psychologist for their busy NICU.  Kristy has worked to build support and to make clear the need to have a NICU psychologist among her NICU’s staff and hospital administration.  It’s a long process, and it’s not yet a “done deal,” but Kristy was recognized for bringing the idea forth, putting together a proposal, trying to iron out the details, and collaborating with her hospital administration to make it happen.  Kristy relied on the team at Support4NICUParents and the NPA for resources to help her present her case, including a Job Description for NICU Psychologist which can now be found on our NICU Mental Health Professionals Resources page.

If you have made progress in implementing positive changes for NICU parents and families in your setting, we would love to hear about it and to tell your story!