Blogs for NICU Parents

blog iconWhether you are looking for answers or just want to hear from other parents, bloggers provide an insight into our shared experience and give us a way to connect with families like our own.


Glossary of NICU Terms for Parents:  Not a blog, but a downloadable resource with a guideto  “Who’s Who in the NICU,” common terms, conditions and procedures NICU parents will encounter, and a brief list of medications used in the NICU.  Put together by website staff.

Preemie Babies 101  PreemieBabies101 is Hand to Hold’s parent blog inspired by the many diverse experiences that are common to parents of preemies. 

NICU Healing  NICU Healing is an online therapeutic resource designed for families currently in the NICU, recently released from the hospital, or coping with the residual effects of the trauma they experienced in having a preterm or medically complex infant.

Life with Jack  A blog about life with a micropreemie, Jack, born at 23 2/7 weeks gestation.

NICU Mama  One mom’s guide to the NICU experience.