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Announcing new partnerships and new resources!             My NICU Network, a collaborative comprised of three respected organizations involved in professional and parent education and support of high-risk newborns and their families, and The Wellness Network (TWN), a national leader in actionable patient education and have partnered to offer NICU Staff Education and Family Support. NICU Staff Education and Family Support was developed to deliver timely hospital staff education and NICU family support resources...

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The Neonatal Intensive Parenting Unit is Here!!!

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HOT OFF THE PRESS!! The latest article from the authors who participated in the National Perinatal Association Workgroup on Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents is now available online, published in August, 2017 in the Journal of Perinatology.  Entitled, “The Neonatal Intensive Parenting Unit:  An Introduction,” it describes a paradigm shift from NICU, where the emphasis is on the baby’s care, to NIPU, where the emphasis is on the family’s care and involvement with their baby.  This article derives from the presentation our group did at the...

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Participate in Research on Peer Support!

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Our contacts in Britain are doing some very important research on the value of peer-to-peer support for NICU parents, and are looking for people around the world who do peer support to participate.  Read below, and if this applies to you, please join in!  Thank you for supporting NICU parents!! “If you provide/work as a peer counsellor/supporter in a neonatal context, please contact Gill Thomson ( to take part in an international study (funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme) to explore how peer...

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We’ve been traveling around…and imagining…

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We have more great news to share!  We just got back from the Vermont Oxford (VON) Annual Quality Congress in Chicago where we presented, along with Dr. Howard Cohen, Medical Director of the NICU at Salem Hospital in Salem, OR, our vision for Neonatal Intensive Parenting Units.  Wow!  What a concept!  Where families are the focus, not just the baby.  Where every attempt is made to avoid parent-baby separation.  Where parents stay with the baby as much as they can, with their own bed in baby’s room.  Where parents are involved in every element...

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August Update: An exciting new resource and a correction of another…

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We are excited to introduce a new resource to the site, a document entitled Starting and Sustaining a Peer Support Program for NICU Parents.  This very complete “how to” manual was originally developed by members of the National Perinatal Association in 2001, and was just updated by current members of the NPA, with some help from our friends in the Preemie Parent support community (special thanks to Lisa Grubbs of NICU Helping Hands, Kelli Kelley of Hand to Hold, Leelee Klein of Tiny Miracles Foundation, and Heather McKinnis of...

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What’s new this summer?

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We are so excited at the interest and positive reception that the Recommendations for Psychosocial Support for NICU Parents have gotten!  Members of the workgroup that developed the recommendations have now delivered 23 presentations across the country with more scheduled, including an international presentation at the Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health in Melbourne, Australia in September.  Members have presented before audiences of NICU nurses, nurse practitioners, neonatologists, obstetricians, occupational therapists, social...

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New Endorsements and an Award Given

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We are excited to continue to collect endorsements for the Recommendations.  There are now a total of 32 professional and parent support organizations that have recognized the importance of this work to both NICU parents and NICU staff.  Please check our Supporting Organizations page to see who has signed on!  The value of having more organizations expressing support for the Recommendations is that everyone in each of those organizations can take the Recommendations back to their individual NICUs.  The most recent organization to align with...

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We’re Getting Around!

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Members of the Workgroup on Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents have been busy spreading the “good word,” getting out and talking to different professional groups about how to make things better for parents in their NICUs. Rebecca-Chuffo Siewert addressed attendees at The Fetus & Newborn Forum in October in San Diego.  Cheryl Milford presented to the Pennsylvania Association of Infant Mental Health in October.  Carole Kenner was a keynote speaker at the University of Oklahoma Palliative Care Summit in November.  Keira...

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Transforming Your NICU: Let’s Get Started!

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Transforming Your NICU:  Let’s Get Started!

    Introducing our new Quality Improvement page, with lots of resources to aid you in implementation of the Recommendations in your NICU! How do you get from here to there, when “here” is having a set of recommendations for providing comprehensive family support embedded in six different articles (see our Supplement to the December issue of Journal of Perinatology), and “there” is actually implementing the recommendations in your own NICU? How can you become a change agent, and move forward from theory to practice? And how can you...

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Recursos en Español Estos son algunos de nuestros recursos favoritos.  Volver a ver una lista cada vez mayor de recursos en español. Conociendo a su bebé: Una guía del desarrollo para los proveedores de servicios y para los padres de los graduados de NICU – “Este manual se desarrolló para ayudarles a los padres, padres adoptivos temporales y a las personas que  cuidan a los bebés a aprender cómo se comunican los bebés que tienen problemas médicos y los que han nacido prematuros…”  VIDEO Bebés prematuros en la UCIN:...

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