Staff Course-Psychosocial Support

We are excited to announce our NICU Staff Education Course entitled, “Caring for Babies and their Families:  Providing Psychosocial Support in the NICU”  now available online at My NICU Network.  You can view and/or download a course brochure here.  We believe that strengthening the parent-baby bond and family functioning in the NICU is the “next big frontier” in improving infant outcomes, and that supporting NICU parents is equally important to providing medical care to their baby.  This NICU staff education course will enable your NICU staff to bring care of the NICU baby and family to the next level.

The course is the result of a unique collaboration between three respected entities in the NICU space:  the National Perinatal Association, Patient+Family Care, and the Preemie Parent Alliance.  The foundation of the course is the “Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents,” published in December, 2015 in the Journal of Perinatology. The online continuing education course, which is directed at ALL NICU staff, will offer CEU credits in seven 1-hour lessons which are best taken as a complete course by an entire NICU staff in order to collectively transform the NICU environment to improve the provision of comprehensive psychosocial support.

Lessons include:

  • Communication skills
  • Providing emotional support to NICU families
  • Supporting families with peer-to-peer networks
  • Supporting families through family-centered developmental care
  • Supporting families through bereavement and loss (includes palliative care)
  • Supporting families in preparation for NICU discharge
  • Learning to support ourselves: Caring for the caregiver

The course is:

  • Evidence-based, with over 500 references; bibliographies included with each lesson.
  • Clinically relevant, with many suggestions for techniques NICU staff can use at the bedside to enhance their interaction with and support of NICU parents.
  • Engaging and story-driven, and includes quotes, audio and video clips from graduate NICU parents so that NICU staff will hear firsthand about the needs of NICU parents and be able to experience the NICU “in their shoes.”
  • Resource-rich, with over 50 downloadable handouts and 30 links to online resources.
  • Family-centered, with emphasis on empowering NICU parents to become successful in their roles as parents.
  • Trauma-informed, with trauma-informed care “scripts” in every lesson that caregivers can use as models for their communication.
  • Parent-approved and contributed to by more than 100 graduate NICU parents who wish to share their personal experiences to help guide and improve care for future NICU parents and their families.

For more information, please see our webpage at My NICU Network, our Course Brochure, or email

We have also partnered with The Wellness Network to provide high-quality NICU Staff Education and Family Support.  NICU Staff Education and Family Support delivers timely hospital staff education and NICU family support resources to hospital NICU departments across the US. This programming offers a critical bridge between staff education and family support resources so NICU staff have the tools needed to support and engage NICU families coping with this intense and complicated environment.

Click here to learn more about this critical program for your NICU and how it can provide staff the tools needed to support and engage each other and families coping with this intense and complicated environment.

Family Support Resources

Your NICU Baby Neonatal Video and Resource Library, by The Wellness Network, offers guideline-compliant educational resources to help parents and extended family members understand procedures, protocols, medical conditions, and infant care so they can better adapt to baby’s NICU stay and prepare for taking care of baby once they head home. The focus of this resource is to help families successfully navigate the NICU experience and transition home.

Please see this page to learn more about our sponsors for our NICU Staff Education course and this collaborative effort to bring resources to both NICU staff and families.